“If it’s inaccessible to the poor, it’s neither radical or revolutionary.” -Unknown

Veronique and Anna met on a doula training course and quickly aligned their vision to serve vulnerable, minority and disenfranchised communities through their work as birth keepers and guardians of the postnatal period.

As individuals they work to support women, babies and families as doulas, however the two often join forces to develop workshops for doulas, particularly for those who work in vulnerable communities, and more.

Veronique and Anna contribute content to Every Woman Collective, an online platform showcasing interdisciplinary work on inequalities within women’s health and empowerment for all.

Both are Abuela Doulas, trained in cultural competency. They are also mothers to little girls and often enjoy when their business meetings can double as play dates. 

Veronique Denise

Veronique Denise is a multifaceted holistic practitioner. She has been a Yoga student for 11 years and a teacher for 5. Her work involves Yoga therapy, pre & post-natal yoga coupled with direct support for women with HIV through breastfeeding, as a qualified doula.

Veronique’s areas of interest include breastfeeding, the psychological transitions of the birthing person through pregnancy, birth and the fourth trimester, maternal-child health, mental health & wellness.

Whether through yoga, swimming with her daughter or functional training Veronique enjoys keeping active. She also enjoys spontaneous trips to concerts, theatre productions & to her favourite museum, The Wellcome Collection. With a strong passion for cooking and tasting new dishes, she is constantly exploring foods from an array of different cultures.

Being of mixed heritage & growing up in Amsterdam has given Veronique a broader perspective on the world and the way that we interact with it. Whether through taking off her shoes or sitting on the floor, she has found herself feeling at home in many different countries and environments due to the home that she has cultivated within.


Anna Horn

Anna Horn is breastfeeding specialist and doula interested in serving underrepresented and minority communities. Anna has extensive front line experience of supporting families to breastfeed.

From Nina Simone to Rhiannon Giddens – music, culture and soul of the American South is at the root of this North Carolina native. Anna has studied and lived in Mexico, Qatar and Spain, before settling down and starting a family in the diverse city of London.

Holding a MSc in social epidemiology and a BA in anthropology, Anna values an interdisciplinary lens when understanding the health and wellbeing of women, their babies and families. Special interests include: breastfeeding, infectious diseases in pregnancy, and particularly, the social determinants underlying maternal and child health. Previously, Anna has worked in HIV/sexual health outreach, maternal-child health surveillance and education.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys quality time with her husband and their daughter, watching her two cats get up to mischief, yoga and tribal belly dance. When there is a moment of “me time” you can find her in the kitchen practicing new recipes (especially traditional Mexican cuisine), enjoying a spa day or reading a good book.